About Me

Lucy Lewin

Hi, I am Lucy Lewin and I spent almost a decade working in my nursery, spending every waking moment thinking about it and never feeling I ever got anything completed.

Then, in December 2018, after years of running a successful, popular nursery I did not have the cash in the bank to pay staff – it broke me, the team work so hard and I had failed them! 

I was always working, always doing stuff, yet never got to the end of a to do list or ever felt a sense of accomplishment. I had accepted that this must be what it was like to own a nursery so carried along this path for almost a decade


In that December I realised that I had to go to work on myself, I had to become the person I needed to be to have the business I so longed for – what changed was me! I identified the issues and challenges that were the road blocks and I set about learning the skills I needed to remove them – I learned new skills

I realised that often I was busy on the wrong things, that there was no systems or processes for anyone to follow,  realised that I could no longer hide away in the fear of what I didn’t know….


Now my work life is so much different – I work less hours and produce more, more occupancy, more profit, more consistency – my team are motivated and excited and they deliver a fantastic service and level of care – it is awesome. 



Please Read this article from the FSB about my work: